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  • Help with MACK Trade Asst

    I'm just getting around to using MACK. I've got my team in there now. I want to use the trade assistant to assess the pros and cons of giving up Rondell White for Johnny Damon. I've added those two players to Trade Assistant 1. I've run the report and given White the down arrow and Damon the up arrow. I've checked the Split box. All I keep getting are the current stats for each. What I want to do is see how my team projects with White versus how it projects with Damon. What am I missing?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Did you select which categories you want to look at in the 'Create Report' tab? Remember that projected totals are the ones that start with the p, ie pRBI, pHR. Sounds like that's what you want to see.


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      Thanks Ray. I was a little dimwitted here, hadn't quite taken in that the categories starting with 'p' are the projected values I wanted.

      I'm assuming that the projected values are those the player is expected to accumulate from here on out. Those plus his actuals would therefore represent his expected season totals, correct?

      So, for example, if I want to see what my team's HR total will be at the end of the season I need a report that sums each players HR and pHR - and if I want to see, just for example, the effect on that season total of trading White for Damon, the report would need

      Current Players HR and pHR
      Less White's pHR
      Plus Damon's pHR

      It looks to me like the easiest way to play with this is to actually have your whole team in the trade assistant, not just the players involved in a trade.

      Anyway, am I on the right track with all this now? Missing anything? Thanks for your help.


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        You're right... add the projected totals and YTD totals to get total year numbers. And while you don't necessarily have to plug your whole team in to evaluate a trade, you certainly would want to include any lineup changes that would result... ie if you're activating a guy off your bench to fill a hole, treat him as someone you're "acquiring" in the deal. That way you get an apples-to-apples comparison.


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          Thanks again. I'm cruising with this MACK engine now. Couple quick thoughts as I get more and more used to it:

          I'm already wishing I could pick tHR, or tSB to see actuals plus projected.

          Also, is there a nifty way to deal with partial actuals? Suppose, for example, I traded for Damon a month ago. Now I want to see what my team totals are projected to be at the end of the season. Damon's actuals include stats that don't belong to my team. At the moment, all I can do is keep track of what his actuals were the day I acquired him, and take them out of my projected team totals. True?