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Mayberry Values on CDG Grid?

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  • RAY@HQ
    We've decided to keep Mayberry "on its own island" (so to speak) for this year's draft season. We want to treat it like a lab experiment this year, put it thru its paces this spring before we integrate MM and the rankings into the rest of the site's tools.

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  • HawkeyeNFO
    started a topic Mayberry Values on CDG Grid?

    Mayberry Values on CDG Grid?

    I would love it if you were able to add the Mayberry Values for each player as an option on the Grid of the CDG. The Grid is already great, but adding the Mayberry values would give me a quick analysis late in the draft on PT, Pwr, Spd, and BA skills for guys I may not be as familiar with. a manager would have a better tool for filling in the needs of the team from a category standpoint.