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  • Hold projections

    I've noticed that the BaseballHQ projections for individual players and custom draft guides do not include projections for Holds. Is that something that will be coming as we get closer to the regular season?


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    Welcome to the discussion forums!

    Projecting holds is a more manual process than the rest of our projections. Most of the projections, with the exception of playing time and save percentages which come from our individual team analysts via the team depth charts, are based on that individual's skills, but the process for projecting holds is very team dependent. We also thought it didn't make much sense to even try until the roster movement slowed down because bullpen depth is about the last thing that needs to be updated. Back on January 8, Ray guessed that in late January, we'd start projecting holds.

    Once the holds projections are made, they can be accessed through the custom draft guide right away.
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      Thanks for the reply! I had searched by didn't find that thread.


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        And as an update to that thread, we are now working on our initial holds projections. Should be on the site soon, probably this coming week.