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    In reviewing the SP Consistency Charts in the Forecaster, I cannot reconcile my research with the Forecaster Dom/Dis ratings. Just as an example, I am looking at Oliver Perez's 2007 Forecaster Dom/Dis which indicates it is 66%/17%. However, when I check his 2007 season, I count 11 of 29 starts which were less than 6 innings pitched which, according to the Disaster criteria, would automatically give him a PQS score of "0". That equates to a Disaster rating of 37.9%, yet the Forecaster indicates Perez's 2007 Disaster rating is only 17%. Could someone help me better understand what I am looking at? Thanks in advance!

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    Less than 5 IP is an automatic disaster. Pitching 5-5.2 innings means you don't get the PQS point for the innings, but doesn't preclude scoring the other points.