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lima rating?

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  • lima rating?

    what does the lima rating stand for?

    sorry I am new to this site and trying to figure things out...

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    Hi Brent,


    The LIMA Plan is a "classic" strategy here at HQ, designed to identify high-skilled pitchers that can be bought at cheaper prices. Ron has several articles about the plan at the bottom of his column page, here. A forum search will certainly yield a bunch more results.

    Anyway, the grades basically indicate a pitcher's suitability to be used within that plan. The grades focus on pitcher skill, and also look for low-cost pitchers... so even your Johan Santanas that have good skills but are known to be expensive will not grade highly.


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      thank you, what about lima for hitters, I have several lists that have that for hitter as well....


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        From the Forecaster:

        LIMA PLAN GRADE: Rating that evaluates how well a
        batter would fit into a team using the LIMA Plan. Best
        grades go to batters who have excellent base skills, are
        expected to see a good amount of playing time, and are in
        the $10‐$30 Rotisserie value range. Lowest grades will go to
        poor skills, few AB and values less than $5 or more than $30.