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Does anyone use MACK engine? Is it good?

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  • Does anyone use MACK engine? Is it good?

    I come to HQ every day (usually a lot each day) but I've never set up the MACK engine for a team of mine.

    Can anyone tell me their experiences with it and what makes it a great tool for me to use?

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    Mack Engine

    The Mack Engine is about the only reason I use HQ. Set up your teams, see where your numbers are and you'll see where you need to improve. Course you have to have faith in the HQ projections which I do for players who've played more than one season. Course I'm severly lacking in HR in several leagues thinking that Durazo/Fullmer were gonna produce more in line with HQ projections then they have so far. For recent call ups I use the Baseball Prospectus Percota system. The Mack Engine is just another tool but one I love to play with.


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      MACK's flexibility is also a strong suit. After keying in your teams, you can choose which categories to view -- basically any of the cats from the Friday Forecasts, which include YTD and projected numbers. The user selects which stats or BPIs you wish to view, and filters out the rest.

      In addition, the trade assistant is a nice feature, as well as the power search. It's basically the Friday Forecast as a database which you customize for pulling out the info you want.

      I'd recommend you giving it a try -- and feel free to post back here with any questions along the way.