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  • Link to Inflation Calculator

    So I learn of reserved players in our league and am all set to calculate inflation, adjusted salaries, etc.

    I reach the following paragraph:

    TQStats has been calculating and posting customized projected player dollar values on the Web since 1996. The general program, which is described here, has been linked to Baseball HQ's player performance projections, and has been made available to BaseballHQ subscribers through an interactive web page. Here is a brief description of the computational technique:

    the "INTERACTIVE WEB PAGE" serves as a link that sends me to a page with this as the banner:

    Determine custom player ratings that fit your league using Baseball HQ's 2002 player projections. Select the number of teams, your salary cap, and your categories, and hit the 'submit' button at the bottom of the page.

    Uses 2002 Projections?

    Not only is their no link for entering freeze values, etc. but the player base is 2 years old.

    Is this just a temporary glitch? I don't see any other posts regarding this so hoping that's the case.


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    If you are using Excel you can build your own Inflation Calculator in about five minutes using VLOOKUPs for $ values.
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      Can't really say that is the answer I was looking for.

      BB HQ has activated a link and written out instructions on what to expect from that link.

      It doesn't work, and my query is responded to with "You can build your own using vlookups..."


      And what the heck is a "vlookup" ?


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        Could you be more specific about where you're coming across this link?


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          Thanks it is!

          I used the search window, inputted "Inflation"
          and the first result brought me to this page:

          About 2/3 of the way down is a bold INFLATION ADJUSTED VALUES link that says you can enter your league's freeze list and get customized values that are adjusted for draft inflation.

          It's a TQ Stats engine it goes on to say.....


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            Thanks for the specific link. My hunch is that the page is in fact an out-of-date calculator from a couple seasons ago (as the 2002 projections heading indicates), and the page shouldn't be active for exactly this reason.

            I'm looking into it further, and will post back when I find out something. Unfortunately, I don't think we have anything currently comparable on the site now. One of us will be back in touch.


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              I've confirmed this is the case -- the calculator is inactive, as we no longer have a relationship with TQ stats. If you need help calculating inflation for your league, repost here or seach by topic "Inflation" here on the boards.