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pitching skill vs run support grid?

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  • pitching skill vs run support grid?

    last year Ron did a grid that set pitching skill (as measured by projected BPV) against expected run support (as measured by team RAR). The premise was that since these are the top two factors in predicting wins for starting pitchers the grid might provide a quick way to identify pitchers with a good chance to accumulate wins.
    Two questions here: will the grid be returning this year? And if not, can you tell me how the team RAR number is calculated. Is it simply a matter of taking the lastest projections, sorting by team, adding up all the RARs for that team and ranking the teams accordingly?
    Thanks for the help.

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    This is something that I was going to ask about also. Since run support is the number one factor in projecting wins according to the Forecaster, that information would be a real handy tool to have now, and throughout the season.


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      That was an article I wrote last year that you can find here:

      I did not have any plans to run that chart again as I did not get much feedback on it. You could probably put it together yourself; the method mentioned above would work fine.



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        thanks Ron. I put my own together. As far as run support is concerned, it looks like STL, SD, HOU, PHL and ATL pitchers are the ones to own.


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          can you post it for all of us?

          I'd like to see it.. can you post it for all of us?

          does this system let you?