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Error in Custom Draft Guide?

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  • Error in Custom Draft Guide?

    The Custom Draft Guide is a fabulous tool but...
    Our league counts -3 for positional player strikeouts so I entered -3 but then the Custom Draft guide states:

    "Select the stats used scoring in your league. A negative weight will reverse the "standard" sorting of a category.
    For example, -1 for Hitting Strikeouts will place the most value in the players with the most strikeouts while -1 for Hitting RBI will place the most value in the players with the fewest RBI."

    So I changed it to +3. I was surprised Ryan Howard was 2nd overall with his 180something Ks. I changed it back to -3 and he was about where you'd figure (16th). Aren't the directions totally wrong or am I misinterpreting them? Why are they there? Without them I would have done the right thing and entered -3.
    Regarding pitchers if you lose 10 points for each ER would you put in 10 or -10? -10 made more sense but the directions imply otherwise.

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    Answered your other thread. No need to double-post.