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cumstom draft guide questions?

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  • cumstom draft guide questions?

    First, I am really impressed with the time and dedication to improvement to this tool since it's inception a few years ago, I think it has gotten better and more useful every year. A few questions.

    My league is 6x6 but "weighted" catagories. For example ERA is worth x4 and K's are worth x1 , so the first place team in ERA ( out of 20 team league) gets 80 pts the last 4. For K's first gets 20 , last 1. So, I noticed a weights option on the catagories, will this option deal with this scoring system.

    Second, I do use the straight draft guide, but with my different positional and scoring I would like to be able to use the custom draft guide as well, what is the easiest way to order both batters and pitchers?

    Third, my league has 9 active batters, 6 active pitchers and a 3 man bench. It is a daily transaction league and for the most part owners will use that bench to stream in 3 extra pitchers. For the parameters, would it be reasonable to use 9 active pitchers and 9 batters? Thanks again.

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    Hi Doc-

    1. Yes, the weights are designed to be used exactly as you describe. You'd want to stay out of the "Points" mode and in the "categories" mode, but definitely use the weights within the categories as you describe.

    2. You can copy/paste the CV results to Excel, sort by $, and presto! Integrated list of batters and pitchers. The c0lumns will skew a bit, but you can get around that with some Excel handiwork.

    3. I might use 8 active pitchers instead of 9, but yeah, you're on the right track there.


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      Thanks Ray, I am really looking forward to playing with the CV this year.