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The Speculator - "Steroid Withdrawal"

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  • The Speculator - "Steroid Withdrawal"

    Sorry guys, not really a question... I thought today's "The Speculator" was absolute garbage. Sure, there are a lotta guys havin' down years thus far. But, to even intimate that the early season difficulties encountered by the players (Abreu, Drew, Ensberg, Garciaparra, Lee, Nixon, Rolen, Tejada, and Wright) noted in the article are somehow related to "no-longer-using" is absolutely stretching the boundaries of credibility. In other words, BS!! I suppose if more space would have been allowed for the editorial, Mr. Murphy would have included (with reasons given) an additional twenty players. I've been subscribing to your site for several years. But frankly, I'm getting very tired of the knee-jerk steriod/PED speculation to which your site continues to subscribe, as a reason for a player's drop in performance.

    Sure, a player using PEDs equates to unfair play. But as a fantasy baseball fan and, more importantly, as an even bigger fan of the "real" game itself, I don't give a damn anymore whether or not the player ever used PEDs - whether it was 10, 5, or 2 years ago. Why? Because, MLB and the Player's Association have already done their part to deal with the purported problem. Granted, they should have reacted and acted much, much sooner. Nevertheless, they have dealt with the problem.

    In the meantime, I think it's about time BaseballHQ started to back off on all of the "who was a possible previous PED user" rhetoric and speculation, just because the "numbers" aren't right. It has really become a very boring, tiresome stance.

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    I suppose I really should have posted my thread in "The Clubhouse." My bad...


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      Hey, Dodger, there is a conversation going on here about this very topic. There are several posters who agree with your position. Personally, I think that because MLB has taken steps to rid the game of PEDs, the question of whether those steps have led to decreased performance of certain players is very valid as it relates to fantasy baseball. The core of what goes on here is to analyze performance (good and bad) and try to understand what is causing that performance (skill growth/decline, luck, etc.). Certainly, players ceasing the use of PEDs is something to consider when conducting that analysis.
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