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New buyers guides and format?

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    Originally posted by RON@HQ View Post
    The new buyers guides are not blogs, and were never intended to be blogs except in some early discussions about possible new designs.....

    The design is still evolving and we're working towards standardizing the format among all 5 pages.
    If they are not going to be daily blogs, then it would be nice if there was a notification on the main column of the updates. For now, I have to click on all links twice a day to make sure I haven't missed any updates. I didn't mind that when the "blog" phrase was being tossed about. However, the current way is just plain annoying.

    No offense.


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      I hate having all of the Buyers' Guide lists spread out all over the place. I used to go look at the NL one page list to get a quick idea of some guys I might want to look into. Now I have to wade through a bunch of different pages to get the same result. I guess what I am saying is that there is now too MUCH information in too many different places for my needs.
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