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  • 5x5 $ value in Projections

    Two questions.

    Will BHQ ever have mixed league projections? I know you can copy and paste AL and NL projections together but it would be much easier if I could do only one download.

    How is the 5X5 value figured for the projetions?

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    bgreisel, this is what the Custom Valuator is for. In fact, it's a very bad idea to cut-n-paste AL and NL together for valuation purposes, the dollar values in the files are based on league-specific numbers, and will lead to skewed valuations.

    If you're not a 12-team AL-only or a 13-team NL only, by all means use the CDG.

    As for 'how 5x5 is figured', if you mean what categories are used, it's:

    R, HR, RBI, SB, BA
    ERA, WHIP, W, Sv, K


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      Why would the mack team tracker and the custom valuator be so different? Juan Pierre in the Mack tracker is $32 but in the Custom Valuator $2.63. It is really tough to track my team when valuations are always different with the different tools you provide. Such variation makes me question the results.

      Should the valuation really have that big of a swing if I am a 6x6 league? (OPS,net SB, avg, hr, rbi, r) I would prefer to make it easier and use 5x5 projections for the mixed league but it doesn't seem like you have that.


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        bgreisel, the issue here is not with the tools, it's a question of you using the right one for what goal you're trying to accomplish. I think we've covered this ground before, but here is the difference between the tools, and why you're seeing different results. Again, I can't stress enough, the difference between the tools is not due to system issues. They're simply reflecting very different things.

        The MACK tool uses the same "standard" projections I mentioned in my post above. In other words, Pierre is worth $29 in a 13-team NL league that uses the category mix in my post above. If that's not your format, don't use those valuations. Very simple. You can use MACK to look at player stats and projections in one view for guys on your team, just don't look at the valuation column there.

        You don't say how many teams in your league, so I can't exactly reproduce the results you're getting from the Custom Valuator. But in general, yes, your format will destroy Pierre's value, for the following reasons:

        - Pierre is TERRIBLE in the OPS, HR and RBI categories.
        - the Net SB category also hurts Pierre's value, since we're projecting a fair number of CS for him.
        - the mixed league player pool also significantly devalues Pierre.

        I ran these categories through the Custom Valuator for a 12-team mixed league, and got Pierre at $7. For the reasons stated above, I find that value completely reasonable.

        Hopefully this helps you understand the different purposes of the tools.