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  • Avatars?

    Just curious.

    How does one get avatars? Are there avatars available to download on this site? If so, where are they available?

    I've seen some of the posters here use some cool ones. I've tried to find some here on the site, but have been unsuccessful.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Avatar amswer

    They're nothing more than a little jpeg image you've downloaded from the 'net. Most images won't work here because they only allow 50x50 pixels, I think.

    Go to the "user cp" button at the top, then to "edit options". Near the bottom there is a section on Avatars. You just browse on your hard drive till you find the image you want to use as your Avatar.

    Maybe someone can give us a cool site to download small images that would work here.
    What's the rumpus?


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      Re: Avatar amswer

      Originally posted by Old Tom
      Maybe someone can give us a cool site to download small images that would work here.
      Here is a webpage where you can start. If my "Avatar" wasn't Dexter, it would probably be Johnny Bravo.


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        here's another one...look on the right-hand side for a category and click on it

        if you find one you like, rightclick on it, click on properties, and it will tell you the pixel dimensions



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          Avatarmania - catch it!

          D A,

          I asked for a cool site and you gave us a mega-cool site. Outstanding!
          What's the rumpus?


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            Sorry Old Tom, but I picture you more as Mr. Burns than some young looking dude!


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              Burnsed by your comment

              Actually, I'm an old, skinny Irish guy, so my avatar is Tom Reagan from my favorite movie, Miller's Crossing. It's a 20's gangster movie based on a time when we Irish were just as tough as the Italians.

              Lucky for you we Irish have fallen on hard times since then, or I'd kick your Dexter-avatar rear end!

              (Hey, it could be worse -- I could look like Ron!)
              What's the rumpus?


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                What's the rumpus?

                Originally posted by Old Tom
       favorite movie, Miller's Crossing. ...
                I love Miller's Crossing! Just watched it the other day when my wife took the kids out for the afternoon. The Coen Brothers are great.
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                  Relevance to fanalytic baseball

                  And the tag line to the movie reminds me of fantasy baseball: "A world where nothing is what it seems to be..."

                  Besides, it has some great dialogue:

                  Leo: So you wanna kill him.
                  Dane: For starters.

                  Tom: Leo gets your sister -- what're you selling me?
                  Bernie: C'mon Tom, it's not like that at all. Wasn't my idea, she'll sleep with anyone, you know that. She's even tried to teach me a thing or two about bed artistry. Can you believe that - my own sister! Some crackpot idea about saving me from my friends...She's a sick twist all right.
                  Tom: She speaks highly of you.
                  Bernie: Yeah, well you stick by your family.

                  And you're right about the Coan brothers. One of the best comedys ever made is "Raising Arizona". There's a million classic lines in that one.
                  What's the rumpus?


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                    Trying to see if this worked. Thanks to Niel and DA for the links
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