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Value Systems for H2H

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  • Value Systems for H2H

    Im in a 12 team mixed H2H league. My league hitting catagories are R, H, 2b, 3b, HR, RBI, SB, and AVG. I have read all of the experts articles on H2H leagues and its clear they all are saying to look for consistancy and power. When I plug in my league parameters the overall ranks a favoring speed. I figured this was because we use 2b and 3b's, but the overall ranks are insane (ex. pujols ranking 12 behind lofton, figgins, furcal, pierre). Can anyone help the brew crew figure out the value systems before we have a draft day tragedy.

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    Have you tried the Custom Draft Guide with your league parameters?
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      Well, when you say 'plug in your league parameters', where are we talking about? The Custom Valuator? Rotolab?