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Wanted: Review of "How to Value Players for Rotisserie Baseball"

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    Originally posted by bonehead View Post
    While a lot of it is over my head, a couple of things stand out, and I think it would be great to get some perspective on it from some of you valuation junkies that cook your own, like Jayhawk, Merv, Old Tom Andy A., etc...
    They should send those guys a free book in return for a review and...wait a minute, I just noticed you put the smilie face after my name!

    Yeah, you're right. I am the anti-numbers subscriber. I can only say that I read the original book when it first came back and it made a ton of sense to me.
    What's the rumpus?


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      Anybody want to review the new content? I have the old one (no nibbles on my eBay listing) and wonder about also purchasing the new one.


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        Originally posted by usualsuspects View Post
        In fact, when I saw those prices in the $400's, I DID put it on Amazon or eBay, forget which, but no nibbles at $50........
        I got a call from a rare-book dealer at $800 (!) but she later backed out. I also heard directly from some student in Seattle and he backed out after asking if I would take $650.
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          Originally posted by usualsuspects View Post
          unless you are related to Nick Markakis who's in many of the examples
          Maicer Izturis features prominently as well.