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    I realize calculating $ values for individual players is as much art as science, but a review of last years final values has me scratching my head:

    Batter AB R HR RBI SB BA 5x5

    Pujols,A 591 129 41 117 16 330 $47
    Rodriguez,A 605 124 48 130 21 321 $44

    I assume the $-values are based on marginal standings/points, which would imply that an additional .0006 points (.009/14 offensive players) and 5 additional runs is worth more in the average league standings than the combination of 7 HRs, 13 RBIs, and 5 SBs. According to the results I've seen published, as well as the final 2005 standing from my leagues, this is not the case.

    From the numbers I've seen published for 2005 12-team 5X5 mixed-league final standings, HRs and SBs were each worth about .1 points in the standings (.10 for Hrs, .096 for SBs according to my calculations), on average. Runs and RBIs were worth about .04 standings points (runs a little more, RBIs slightly less), and a point in team batting average was worth a little over .5 standings points. According to these results, Arod's 2005 stats would have, on average, netted a team a little more than a point (1.13) in 2005.

    I realize the numbers I'm using are far from absolute, and I'm not even sure this is the methodology used at BBHQ. However, any way you slice it, to conclude the season Pujols had in 2005 (as great as it was) was more valuable than Arod's season can only mean you are placing an extremely high value on a rather small BA edge. In fact, the 14 additional ABs Arod had eliminates about 3/4ths of the BA edge, which leaves an unbelievably high value apparently being placed on BA.

    Any insight you can provide into the player valuation models employed at BBHQ would be greatly appreciated.



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    The problem is that you're comparing an AL player to an NL player. The $ values are specific to the player pool they come from... NL 5x5 is based on a 13-team NL league, AL 5x5 is based on a 12-team AL league.

    So, Pujols raw numbers may be a shade lighter, but they were more valuable within his specific talent pool.

    This is why, for mixed leagues, you want to use the Custom Valuator.