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    Second year as HQ subscriber, just received my Second Forecaster. Used it last year for the first time, did well drafting pitching, failed miserably analyzing batting data.

    Requesting help in using the Book to identify and evaluate hitters. League is NL ONLY-Very Deep (13 Teams) 4x4

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    Some advice

    One thing I like the Forecaster for is it prints hitting splits L vs R. I don't know about your league but mine has daily transactions, because of this I focus on left handed hitters who can't hit lefties but crush righties. I rotate players in based on pitching matchups. Guys like Jim Edmonds, Klesko, Jacques Jones, Trot Nixon, Brad Fullmer. I realize they are Not all NL players but I am just naming them off the top of my head. My point is there are many players out there who are $25 players against righty pitching but $5 against against lefty pitching. If you have daily transactions you should find those players and play them accordingly. It is a great way of getting more than you paid for for a hitter.


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      For one, I've been very successful at disregarding batting average and looking exclusively at EYE.

      Also, there are some simple formulas in the back (I think that's where they've been in the past) that I have found useful. The key is forgetting the names and looking at opportunity and BPIs.

      Haven't gotten mine yet...due to the outages on the BBHQ server my address change wasn't received in time...But I'll look to post more once I have it. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a private message through this site...I think we can do that.

      By the way, I've won my deep AL-only league two out of two years so far...and previous to that consistently finished top 2 or 3 in a deep NL only 4X4 league...