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    Is it possible to search the HQ final stat files using Excel and multiple search criteria in one query, for example greater than 2 k/bb and a command of at least #?

    Is this something that can be imported into Access and quesried that way?

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    If you would like the final 03 stats in Access, I can email them to you.. You can create all sorts of queries in Access. Send me your email address and I will send.


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      You could use either an array of an IF And statment....are you just looking to count occurences? If you just want to look line by line something like

      K/BB is in column A
      command is in column B



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        looks like i also need to brush up on my excel use.


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          Hit man, if you just want to isolate guys meeting your various criteria, an easy way is to just set up filters (Data menu) in the 2 (or more) columns you're interested in.


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            I've got the final stats in Access as well and have created some queries for them. I've also made a form that can be used to enter in player comments. If interested, email me.


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              Definitely read up on Excel's AutoFilter feature (as usualsuspects recommended). It can do almost everything you want to do without the hassle of using Access; e.g., apply filter for LIMA-worthy players.

              Not that Access is bad - just sometimes overkill for these purposes.


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                2003 Final stats in Excel and Access

                Hello, Can someone at HQ let me know where the MLB 2003 final stats are online? They disappeared. Also Frank (?) if you could would you email me your access file with final stats and possible 2004 projections?
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                  For the 2003 final stat files:

                  On the left side toolbar, scroll down to 'Research' heading and select 'Data Archives'. Everything you need should be there...