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  • mock drafts

    A few weeks ago Ron said: "We have forged a relationship with the site, This site provides the capability for both online auctions and snake drafts, and several HQ analysts who've used the service have graded it out very favorably. While it usually costs $29.95 per league (after March 1), Baseball HQ subscribers will have free access all season long. It's just another benefit of membership. We'll be launching this next week; keep an eye on the home page for details." I do not see anything on the home page. Has it come and gone? Am I missing it?

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    We had some technical difficulties that have since been resolved. It will launch this Friday.

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      It has launched, but no public drafts seem to be available. Are people here organizing "private" mock drafts? Am I missing a way to get access to mock drafts that is otherwise available?


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        Never mind. Another thread speaks to this.