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Auction style leagues on-line?

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  • Auction style leagues on-line?

    Just wondering if anyone here has participated in on-line auction style drafts. Don't know if they are out there. Thanks!


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    Last year I wanted to add a second league to my local auction league. I went to ESPN,, and several other places and couldn't find anything with auction format there. There didn't seem to be any online auction leagues. My guess is that if you want online auction leagues you still have to find your own owners and form your own league - it doesn't seem to be offered by standard sites. (If it is I'd also be interested to hear about it!)

    But if you find people on your own you can do an online auction in one of two ways (that I know of): (a), or (b) use instant messaging. I've heard a number of different people say they used IM an it worked well.
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      Thanks Markus


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        Online Auction League

        I am also looking for an online auction league to join (in addition to my local auction league). If you are looking for extra players, I would be interested in participating.

        I checked out and it looks promising.


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          On Line Auction leagues

          Check out Many live auction keeper leagues. Openings every season.