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% playing time vs projections.

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  • % playing time vs projections.

    I was wondering how they matchup or if they are independant of one another.

    Ex: Chris Burke has a projected playing time of 40% (roughly 65 games). His 2006 projection calls for 411 ABs. That's about six ABs per game!

    Wouldn't a more accurate projection be based on four to five ABs per game? Or at least an average of the two (say 290 ABs)? And if that's the case, shouldn't the projections be scaled back by about 30%?

    Or am I missing something entirely?

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    You're not missing anything. The playing time pcts are updated more often than the projections are, so there will be some anomalies like that. The two will synchronize on January 20. We're working toward a more dynamic projections system that will resolve this type of problem.

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