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    This is directed primarily at HQ staffers...

    It seems a lot of times the same questions come up over and over in the forums (by new members) regarding common elements like drafting, auctions, retentions, constitutions, etc. The collective wisdom generated is OUTSTANDING and truly valuable. But rather than making long-time members keep repeating themselves to each new person (which they do with amazing generosity and patience), wouldn't it be better to just have an indexed link to those thread where "classic" advice was already present?

    I did this (for myself and for others) for threads on a persons first time using auction format and how to strategize. (see First Auction Threads Index.) But when we switched servers (which generally went very well!) all the links were scrambled and are now inaccurate. Luckily I used the names of the threads as the link so they can probably still be found with little difficulty. [I would even go in to edit and reestablish the links properly but it doesn't recognize that I'm "Markus" so it doesn't give me editing privileges.]

    As a user, making an index like this takes no more time than repeating all the advice I offered last time the question was asked, which is why I was willing to do it. And then it is there not just for the new person, but for me too if I want to review. I'm sure some other users would be happy to make indexes from time to time as well. I bring this up because I see some attempt now at BBHQ to provide related links at the bottom of threads, and any attempt at indexing is a great idea. My question is whether users can (or should?) contribute to this process and what the best kind of index to produce would be?

    (Sorry if I'm rambling a bit.)

    Indexes of previous Forum discussions on common topics would be like a whole new feature to the site that adds even more tremendous value!
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