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    I have posted 2 times, and both times my post had an envelope with a dark round circle in it. I don't see that symbol in the descriptions of the different statuses of responses. Could you tell me what that symbol means and am i doing something wrong.

    Thanks for your help

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    I believe that means that you have replied to the thread and that there are no new replies since you last read it.

    Hope this was helpful!

    Mike Krebs


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      i'm still a little unclear, because i didn't reply to my post and that circle appeared as soon as i posted the original thread


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        Actually, the little black dot appears for any thread which you've contributed to, and stays there forever. That way, you can look over the list of threads and easily spot the ones you participated in.


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          Threads that you have started or responded to are denoted by that envelope with the blue dot (Sealing wax, I suspect is what they were shooting for). It just means that you've read the thread and contributed....

          Doug Deakin


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            There you have it. Is that dot really blue? Better get the magnifying glass...


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              that explains it. thanks guys. i just wanted to make sure i wasn't doing something wrong.


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                I'll jump in on Madduxx31's thread to ask this while we're on the subject. Can anyone explain how the 'go to last read post' feature works? It seems that many times the post it takes me to isn't accurate and that I have trouble finding the last one I read. Or is the explanation found in memory loss that I keep forgeting I have?
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