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Report Idea: Rotation Indicators

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  • Report Idea: Rotation Indicators

    Due to injuries on my team, I'm in a position of being able to make several roster moves this weekend. I was planning to use these moves to speculate on starting pitchers. When thinking of the best way to "search" for pitchers by MLB rotation, I realized that there was no great way to do this on HQ. There's the depth charts, but that really only gives you names and you have to click through for more info. There's the stats/projection files, but that gives you too much information and it's not by team and it includes both RPs and SPs.

    I realized that what I really wanted was something very similar to the Bullpen Indicators report, except for starting pitchers. This allows me to quickly glance through the current starters team-by-team to look for potential pickups.

    Let me know if something like this could be possible. (I tried to attach an example picture.)

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    I like it!


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      Have you tried the Team View depth charts? While they don't give you quite as much info as your sample, and you do have to click through each team, it seems that this is the type of thing you are looking for.

      Here is the Orioles page:

      You can also use the PowerSearch function in the MACK Team Tracker. In fact, THAT is the best solution as you can select which stat categories you want.


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        Ron, thanks for the link to the Orioles team page. I honestly forgot about those individual team pages. That is pretty much what I'm looking for (in a way, it is better because of the projected playing time columns).

        I also agree that the Power Search would work, but if I was going to do that it would just be easier for me to use Excel filters/sorting/column hiding on the downloaded projections files (but that's just me). In fact, I might just create an Excel macro to do that automatically every week.

        I still think that something like a rotation indicators report could have some value as a tool to get a quick read on pitching throughout the league with two clicks (one AL and one NL). Maybe something you could look at in the off-season.

        But the team link pages will be a very good proxy until then. Thanks for the response ...