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  • GB/LD/FB Data

    A mentioning of Rob Mackowiak's current LD% by John Burnson in another thread reminded me that I had wanted to ask this; is it possible that we could get GB/LD/FB data added to the playerlink pages for hitters, pitchers, or both?

    I have no idea what adding that data would involve, but if possible it would be tremendous. HQ often states that it is best used as a tool, or collection of tools for the purpose of ultimately making your own decisions, which I wholeheartedly agree with. The availablity of current season GB/LD/FB data on the playerlink pages would be another valuable tool for my attempts at BPI analysis. I know that it is available in the weekly projections downloads, but having it on the player links would be a great convenience.

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    I second this comment. Not all of us download the projections every week. The G/L/F data is becoming essential to evaluating pitchers' performance. It'd be handy to have it in players link the next time web upgrades are made.
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      We're planning lots of upgrades to PlayerLink over the next 6-9 months, including adding many more stat categories.



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        It's definitely on the list of planned enhancements, I too would find this highly useful.