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Ron: weekly planner: small addition

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  • Ron: weekly planner: small addition

    on park watch (which is great)
    needs dates for the games, and needs(more importantly) to be clear what team is home.. (cuz us newbies don't know the park names so well)

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    Good point Idaho. I'm not really a newbie but I tend to think of all modern park names as 'corporate shill park'.
    \" Quit clouding the issues with the facts! \" Davitt - 07/06/05

    \" What we don\'t know , we explain to each other\" J. R. Oppenheimer speaking to fellow physicist Greg Breit.

    Ron V's new signature line, "It's drivel, but it's diligent, sleep-deprived drivel!" Patioboater 1/14/06


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      hey, as a true free market capitalist and a baseball fan

      I tend to welcome corporate shilling as long as our sport prospers and we get great games.

      go pac bell qualcomm corporate whoever...

      but i do need to know who's they are..

      don't forget world famouse Wrigley is the same:: chewing gum.


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        you can cut and paste these NL parks as a cheat sheet (and not force a bigger cell or extra cells in the planner):

        Qualcomm = SD (next year, Petco Field)
        Great American = CIN
        PacBell = SF
        Miller = MIL
        Coors = COL
        Banc One Ballpark (BOB) = ARI
        Busch = STL
        Wrigley = CHC
        Shea = NYM
        PNC = PIT
        Pro Player = FLA
        MinuteMaid = HOU (ex-Enron)
        Veterans = PHI
        Olympic = MON
        Hiram Bithorn = MON (in Puerto Rico)
        Turner = ATL
        Dodger (or Chavez Ravine) = LA


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          easier to just have it on the planner.. more importantly.. is to put the dates of the matches there.


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            it may be "easier" for you, but it may be impractical for BHQ (or for everyone else to read the chart) to display all that info and still keep the chart or table the same size.

            (And if you're really a baseball fan, I don't think it's too much to ask that you either know the name of the homepark, or look it up on another chart to figure it out - if it saves space to keep the chart more readable NOT to have to include that basic info.)


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              i agree with allen, i don't think the people here need thier hands held for every little item....however dates would sometimes be helpful.....i end up going to major league schedules then sometimes counting the number of starters to find out where my starters are pitching...which is a little time consuming ,but i do it


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                allen, no need to get aggressive

                My suggestions are aimed at spending less time every week working on my team plans... because I don't know every team's ballpark is hardly enough for you to question whether I am a baseball fan.. I am just trying to make room for baseball fantasy, becuase I have a real life also.

                But I am sure it is much more important to "save space in the table", than to add a couple tidbits that will make it easier for all. lets see 3 dates and a 3 letter team name(which I see is already, now being implimented, see, that wasn't so hard)... by my calculations: 6 to 20 characters... hmmm if you add that to the lines i see about ballparks.. umm well, I guess I am just more of a math fan than "a real baseball fan"..

                don't mean to get a bit defensive, but my ideas are to make this site a better product, not test the paying customers level of commitment to baseball.

                I would hope that suggestions by us fans of Ron and this site, would be considered co-opted and or rejected, with as little attitude as possible.

                and lastly, I just wanted to sing the praises of this site!! I think it is a truly marvelous product. without it I don't know what I would do..

                btw: ron,, these are just suggestions, feel free to use or not.. just trying to help.. And I will shut up if you indicate that you no longer want my feedback.


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                  I didn't question whether you were a baseball fan or not, duncanidaho - I said "if you're a fan, you might want to have this knowledge at your disposal, NOT rely on a chart to give it to you".

                  After all, if a chart gives it to you, you never need to learn the info, now do you?


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                    I think Duncan is noting that he has a full time job.

                    There is already 10 tons of things to "learn".. I agree that a few things like this would ever-improve our tools..

                    Just becuase I know how to do long division, doesn't mean I ain't gonna use a calculator.

                    as a side note,, I find it interesting that your "qoute" looks nothing like the "quote" that actually was typed in a few boxes above.



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                      Since it's my quote, I figured I could paraphrase or even translate it, since I know what I meant and it's clear there was a misinterpretation of what the meaning of what I wrote was.

                      Maud'ib, to use your analogy - we're giving you the calculator if there's an accompanying chart like I did for NL teams that tells you the city for each ballpark. We're doing the actual long divison for you, with the answer displayed (no calculator needed), if the park watch chart shows park AND city for the home team (since many users of the chart don't need that additional info).