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    One of the most anticipated series of columns is the Spring Training Wrapups in Skills. This year the SP wrapup was published on the 27th, while the RP and Batters were published on the 28th.

    I can't swear this is universally true, but in my circles BY FAR the most common draft day is the Saturday before opening day. This year that was the 27th, so 2 of those critical 3 columns were unavailable for most drafts. AND I had to get up at 6AM to read the 3rd one.

    Any chance you could include this in your future planning? It would be very helpful for many (most?) of us if you could get these columns out a few days earlier. Thanks.
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    We get some version of this comment every year... it's not like we aren't listening. But we need to wait late enough for the jobs to settle to put that data together. We always have a cutoff date for the key spring content, this year it was Friday 3/19... by that date, we had what we felt are all of the key pieces you need for your drafts posted to the site.

    But there's still more content after that.... these Buyers Guides previews, today's Speculator leaders/award winners piece, some of which are very popular each year. But we intentionally have those scheduled after the 3/19 date, because a) some stuff has to be after 3/19, we can't just shut down then, and b) those articles require seeing more spring information, and c) in the case of the Speculator piece, that's supposed to be "out on a limb", we don't want it to influence your drafts (much).