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  • A little help please

    I am struggling with when to pick up a pitcher. I used to go off of the weekly projection updates. If someone in my league dropped a pitcher that was higher on the projections than one of my pitchers, I would pick him up. That was until yesterday when I finally read the PQS article in the pitching logs section. I started looking at it and it interested me. Now I do not know what to do. Do I continue using the projections or do I switch my thinking and come up with a way to pick up pitchers that have a succession of quality starts? For instance, Pedro Astacio is not rated very high in the projections, but his PQS for the last couple of starts is good. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Ryount, Personally I would not look at dollar values as they represent his stats (wins, ERA, WHIP) but not his true skill set. I would look at his projected BPIs (h%, dom rate, pqs scores, etc.) which are a much better indication of his underlying skill set.



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      I would use the $ vals as a first-step filter to identify pitchers who are WAY better than what you've got (projected, not YTD). Then I'd dig into the PQS and BPI data to make sure you're getting good skills.
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        I toss a coin.
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