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  • Regarding VLOOKUP

    Smooth sailing with the EXCEL set-up until I got to VLOOKUPs. In the discussion, Patrick wrote:

    "With your players listed, you're ready to do your first VLOOKUP. In cell C5, the first one under "HR", enter:


    I'm confused by the statements "in" and "under" -- Should I choose "In cell C5" or " the first one under "HR" Isn't the one under C5...C6?

    Well, I've tried entering the formula in cell C5 as requested, got a #name error; I've tried the one under C5 and got the same results.

    For those of us (maybe just me) that didn't get it quite right, what do you suggest?
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    I believe it should go in C6. And the first item in the VLOOKUP statement should be $A6. I still couldn't get it work when I amde these canges so instead of just the name of the worksheet in the statement I had to actually select it. This is the command I used and it seemed to work:


    Hope this helps.


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      I thought this got fixed. The VLOOKUP formula shoud be

      VLOOKUP(cell with batter name,database range,column being looked up,FALSE).

      If the titles are in Row 5, then the VLOOKUP is indeed

      =VLOOKUP($A6,AL_H_031805,13,FALSE), assuming that the database range is named AL_H_031805 and that HRs are the 13th column in that database, counting from the player names as the first column.

      If you are getting a #NAME error, then there is something wrong with the AL_H_031805 database name. Other errors in VLOOKUPs return #N/A errors.
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