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Custom Valuator not making sense - what am I missing?

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  • Custom Valuator not making sense - what am I missing?


    I'm getting ready for my first 5x5 13-team keeper auction league. This is the initial draft.

    So in preparation, I used the custom valuator (saying teams would use the AL 5x5 $ #s (180/80).

    My issue comes in when I look at the catcher position. In the "positional draft guide" I have exactly 12 catchers with POSTIVE VALUE! However, we play in a league that requires 2 starting catchers per team. My thought is that these numbers seem very, very low compared to what these guys will go for on draft day. I don't think I'll get Ramon Hernandez for 1 cent. What gives? What do YOU use for draft day prices? How do you get REAL draft prices or something that seems more reasonable? Am I doing something wrong?

    Also, while I only put $260 in the system... we actually get $280 but that also includes the guys we bid on in our reserve round. I cannot add that many reserves to the overall Custom Valuator .. like instead of a 14/9 breakdown ... 19/14 breakdown in players. I'm assuming you really don't use it for your reserves.

    Here are the "other settings" I used as well:

    Player Pool: Mixed Number of Teams: 13 Number of Hitters: 14 Number of Pitchers: 9
    Hitting Categories: HR RBI SB AVG R
    Pitching Categories: W SV ERA RAT SO

    Thanks again,