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  • Download of Custom Draft Guide

    I seem to be having a problem downloading the results of the Custom Draft Guide to my Computer. I don't have Excel, but I do have Quatro Pro, and for some reason, when I copy and paste, there is no breakdown in the columns.

    In other words, when reading across, the numbers all run together.

    Thanx for the help.

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    I don't know Quatro, but is there a "Paste Special" function as there is in Excel? In Excel, if I just do a normal Paste, it pasts everything in one box, because it's treating it as an image from an HTML page. If I choose "Paste Special... Text", then it puts everything in columns.


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      There's another option that works for Excel, and perhaps it works for Quatro Pro as well. After you run the Custom Projections, save the page to your computer. This will create a file with an extension of .html. Simply change the files extension to .xls for Excel, or whatever the file extension is for Quatro. This is what I have been doing, as I think it's easier than copying and pasting.


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        Interesting, I didn't realize that would work, but it does. Thanks, dizzy!

        One trick to remember: if you're interested in removing the first few lines so that only the column heading are left, keep in mind that the "Baseball HQ" banner can't be deleted by deleting spreadsheet lines -- it's an image. Just right-click on the banner and select "Cut", and it will disappear.


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          Thanx Guys:

          I first tried Tom's way, and received a message that the "paste special" approach could not recognize the format of the material. Oh well.

          The second approach worked perfectly. Saved to html, opened in Quatro pro, and then saved in quatro-pro format.

          Again, thanx to both.