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    Overall, my league seems to have a 60/40 Hitting/Pitching Split.

    If I want to use a 70/30 split for my team,

    what values should i use to get player value in the custom valuator?

    Should I use 60/40 or 70/30 ?

    Obviously, if I use 70/30, my value on pitchers would seem to be worth less than what the league's market value is..and I am afraid I may devalue a pitcher's price.

    Or, do I use the 60/40 split to get the values, and then using those values, adjust my team's split to the 70/30..

    any help on this would be greatly appreciated..


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    Overall you should use your league's split (the 60/40). Then in your budget you only afford the 30% of your team budget on pitching. Otherwise you'd wrongly think no pitcher (just about) was worth bidding on and similarly wrongly think that every hitter (just about) was going for a bargin price.


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        Remember that you need to take two set of values to the auction:

        Market value -- what your leaguemates believe players are worth (use the 60/40 split for this)

        Projected value -- what you believe players will be worth (use the 70/30 splits for this)

        The variance between the two is where you find bargains, or where you find players whom you value highly and will bid to the limit.


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          Randall. What do you think I should do when the numbers from the CV show some guys being worth $20 more than they go for in auction. Should I consider a $50 Helton who CV says is worth $77 (in my league) to be a bargin?


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