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  • bpv's

    after ahving bought the forecaster for the last 5-6 years i decided to subscribe to the online service this year instead. i was wondering if there was a way to see the players ranked by their bpv's ? the only way it appears i can do this now is to go to the projection page and do it by hand. the forecaster book had a list in the back with the players ranked according to bvp's. i am not to great at computers and the like so if any can assist i would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance.

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    You can DL the projections into Excel and sort any way you like. We'll be running a multi-part series on how to use Excel, starting soon.
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      thanks but

      could you tell me how to do this? i am assuming dl means download but how can i just get the numbers i need and get them in order? thanks again


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        It's kind of a long explanation. You can DL the files by right-clicking them and choosing "Save As..." to a file location on your hard drive. Then open the file you want (AL Hitters, NL Pitchers, etc), and use Excel's "
        Sort" command.

        If you arte not familiar with Excel, hang tough for a week or so and there will be a pretty decent tutorial on using Excel to get more out of HQ.
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          the tutorial tell me how to rank the players just by bpv? i think i know how to dowload them but would like to have them ranked from high to low? might also like to see the pitchers ranked by dom. will the tutorial help with this or should i just look at my printed out papers and figure it out by hand. wish the list as in the book would be online ranking by bpv.


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            sorting by bpv

            I just used the MACK engine (power search) to sort batters by their projected bpvs. This seems to be a quick way for you to get the numbers you want, right now. Give that a try.


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              been trying for the last 10 minutes and no matter what i try it says there is nothing stored to sort. i am lost. what i would like is just the pitchers in both leagues ranked according to their bpv's. i tried power search and some others. sorry to be a pain but just can't seem to get the hang of this.


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                Mack engine

                I just tried the MACK engine again, and no problems, so here are the steps I used. Once you get to the MACK area, go directly to Power Search and don't try to first select any teams or players. Next, Select your target GROUP of players. You can choose pitchers or batters, by league or both leagues together. Then, Select the file to search, in this case pBPV. Choose your lower and upper pBPV limits, depending upon how low you want to go with player's BPV ranking, then Sort by pBPV, probably in descending order. It should get you where you want to go. I hope I haven't made this confusing! Good luck.


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                  Are you selecting the categories with a "p" prefix? pAB is projected ABs. "AB" is current AB, which will return no data.


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                    After you download the Projection spreadsheet, open it in Excel.

                    Highlight Row 1 and 2, Right Click and you should get a popup box.
                    select Delete.
                    this will Delete the first 2 rows of the spreadsheet, and CELL A1 will now contain "Pitcher", B1 will contain "Age"

                    You can then Left Click on the Top LEft corner of the Spreadsheet. (This is the box to the LEft of the Column "A" and just above the Row "1"). This will highlight the entire spreadsheet.

                    Next click the "DATA" menu, and then SORT.
                    a Sort popup box will be displayed.

                    Click the radio button next to My List has "Header Row"
                    Under the Sort By, Select BPV
                    Then select Descending
                    Then Select OK.

                    Make sure you have the entire spreadsheet highlighted, when sorting, or only the highlighted rows will sort...

                    Hope this helps...


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                      That helped me alot!

                      I was not that familiar with the way Excel works with this, but now I do thanks to the previous post. That was easy to sort by any category you want. THANKS!!


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                        thanks so much for your help in getting the projections into the excel format i wanted. there is no way in the world i could have figured that out. i am still struggling trying to figure out how to use the mack. guess i should have stuck with the forecaster book. lol anyway thanks for all your time and help. i was wondering if there is a way to get both league's bpv's on a single spreadsheet since we are using a mixed league. perhaps this is going a bit far eh? lol well thanks again.


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                          Are you trying to get all the pitchers into one spreadsheet and all the hitters into another? That is something I can help you with if you like. Just let me know if that's what you want to do. Or leave me your e-mail address here and I can send you some attachments that you can sort however you like.



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                            It's actually pretty easy, if you understand Copy and Paste.

                            Just open up the ALPitcher spreadsheet, and Highlight all the rows from Row 4 on Down to the last row of pitchers. So you highlight all the pitchers and pitcher data.

                            select EDIT then COPY. (You can also try CTRL-C )

                            Next open up your National league spreadsheet, and go to the last row of pitchers.

                            select the first blank row after your last pitcher and then Paste the data there..

                            Once you click on the empty cell below Victor Zambrano, you can select EDIT - PASTE (or use the shortcut of CTRL - V)

                            Then go back to the top of the spreadsheet and highligh the entire sheet, and follow the steps in the previous post..


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