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Question regarding Production

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  • Question regarding Production

    In the article

    and excerpt:
    "Second Base

    The top-18 players range from $25 (Alfonso Soriano, TEX) to $14 (Michael Cuddyer, MIN). There are four separated price-points - $25, $19-$21, $15-$17, and $14. Using the average value for all 18 players ($17.72), we see that the $25 player gets 1.41 times that production. The $20 group gets 1.14 times, the $16 group gets 0.89, and so on. "

    When referencing "production", is that just based on the $value of the groups of players or is it related directly to the stats of the groups of players..

    Or are the two, one in the same, since the $ are generated from the stats projected.

    did I just answer my own question?

    I am trying to do a lot of valuation on my own, so I understand how values are generated, as opposed to just running the wizard, and getting values and using what's fed to me..

    Believe it or not, I am actually using a pencil too..


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    Right, the $ values and the accompanying production should be exactly the same, in that one measures the other.