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Depth charts.....again

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  • Depth charts.....again

    I posted this question a couple of weeks ago and haven't gotten an answer, so I'll post again.

    Is there a schedule for the updating of the Depth Charts? There used to be a date on them, but that is no longer being displayed. Will a date be displayed on the Depth Charts?



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    They will typically be updated weekly, on Fridays. Last week was an off-week for us; we're back on schedule this week.


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      Will there be a date on the's very helpful.


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        I don't think so. But we'll have a date listed somewhere. Right now it's in the Command Center, but that is going to change with the new site design (debuting in a few weeks).


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          Would it be possible to place a date on the Depth Charts? In the past this was done and very helpful. Now that the Command Center is going away, there is no way to ascertain the date of the Depth Chart; except knowing that they will be updated every Friday. Knowing that they are updated every Friday is helpful, but not as accurate as an actual date on the Charts.

          There is a "Comments? Contact us here" link on the Depth Charts. When clicking the link, I get:
          Not Found
          The requested URL /subscribe/contact.htm was not found on this server.
          Apache/1.3.22 Server at Port 80

          Also, If I click "Contact Us" on the left-hand pane and attempt to post a comment, I get the following when I hit the Send Note button:

          Method Not Allowed
          The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /subscribe/contact.shtml.
          Apache/1.3.22 Server at Port 80


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            Tom no offense but if its every friday.Thats pretty self explanatory.I dont see what the big deal is.

            And the list is obviously updated since the braves have both mondesi and jordan in the OF and both were signed this week


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              The big deal is that one doesn't know for sure whether the charts have been updated on Friday without extrapolating player moves that took place that week and making sure that those players are on the new teams. The update could be late, or not done at all. Like the projections, it seems to be a simple matter to place the date on the chart, or on the Depth Chart "home page", so that one is assured that the data has been updated on that date.


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                No problem Tom.No reason to break out the 50 cent words there guy.And the chart was done thursday this week.So you dont have to do any research there.