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    Wondering if anyone has utilized the OnRoto stat service for an on-line auction? My two home leagues usually have live drafts, but this year will be different.

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    Yes, our league used it for an auction for the first time last weekend.

    We were worried about giving everybody enough time. We set the clock for 60 sec to come up with a name and an initial bid, which was about right. The nominator had time to look at rosters and choose a player. We also set the bidding clock for 90 sec. The way it works at Onroto is the bidding clock continues to tick down no matter if there are other bids made. But once it gets below 10 sec, every time there's a new bid it resets to 10.

    90 sec was way, way, way too long. Most of the time the clock would slowly click down after the nominating bid until it got down to about 10 sec, and then the action would begin. Our ten team auction ended up going well over 5 hours!

    We all agreed that next time the bidding clock could easily be reduced to 60 sec, or more probably 45 sec.