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Daily features -- post/publication time in the a.m.?

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  • Daily features -- post/publication time in the a.m.?

    Wondering if there is a set time in the a.m. that all new articles/features for that day are auto-uploaded/posted to the site -- or if they are uploaded one-by-one, and at various/arbitrary times.
    (This morning, for example, I checked around 0615 EST and no new content had been posted.)

    Essentially, I want to see if there is a definite time in the a.m. (before work) where I know I can check the site and be sure that I can see/read all the day's new content -- since there are some days, later in the mornings, where my access will be limited.

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    Generally we set all articles to appear on the site at 3am ET, although it seems to me that the site may not actually do it then. (I'm not awake to check.)


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      If the articles are ready before 3am ET could you post them earlier? I usually prepare my team before bed (I'm on Pacific time) and would love to use the articles as a resource.

      P.S. It's 3:40am ET and the articles aren't up yet. @Ray it does appear that your theory that the site isn't posting them on schedule is correct.