Hey everyone the local league I am commissioner of is looking to expand from 10 teams to 12 teams so if we get 2 good candidates we will do an expansion.

We are a 10 team (2 divisions) Head-to-Head Auction keeper league (see signature). Top 4 teams make playoffs. Buy-in is $150 for the season Pot is about $1300 or so depending on buyouts. It is a very active league, tons of trade talks and trades, we do daily lineup changes, but weekly FAAB for add/drops.

The owners must live near NYC, OR be able to attend the league auction every March. The league is very serious, and has had most of the owners for at least 10 years or more. Our league's goal has always been to "emulate the real GM experience." So we are allowed to sign players to long contracts, extend players, we have a 20 man minor league system. We use HQ custom valuator to determine the cost of extending or re-signing a player. If you want a league that does a pretty good job of simulating what it's like to be a gm of a mlb team this is your league.

If you are interested, and want to know more, I can share our latest constitution and discuss any questions and details about the league.

Again we go out of our way to emulate the real life GM experience, so if that is what your looking for contact me (PM or email is fine) and i would love to discuss the league in detail with you.