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Thread: Continuous page load?

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    Default Continuous page load?

    Just me or does anyone else experience BHQ pages loading continuously? If I haven't had an opportunity to read the site through the week, I usually hit the site on Saturday. I open each day - Monday through Friday in it's own tab, and then work my way through all the articles. So, for example, Wednesday's page had loaded and seemed to be done, but then a few seconds later, it starts re/loading again.

    There's no real reason for it to do that. If it's programming on the site that's doing it, it's terribly inefficient and degrades browser performance.

    Any thoughts?


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    Definitely not programming on the site, unless you're referring to the slide show continuing to refresh. But that shouldn't represent a full page load. I don't see this happening on my end. Anyone else?

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    I do the same: ie run through each day's articles using the day tab underneath the slide show on the home page. I don't get any reloading at all: the page loads once and happily sits there until I move back to home page or click on the next day's articles.

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    What browser are you using? I've personally noticed Chrome does seem to do this from time to time regardless of the site

    If you're opening specific links on the site, you shouldn't be seeing any different content either - all our article URLs are static and do not change.

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