So technically this is a question to take to Tapatalk support, except that I've started seeing this behavior at or around the time of a forum outage a week or so ago when some maintenance was presumably performed. Wonder if a new patch to the vBulletin software or changes to any settings might be impacting what I'm seeing: Basically, my "unread" feed in Tapatalk only goes back a few hours. Maybe capped at 6 hours or so? Definitely less than 24. I have lots of unread posts when viewing on the web, but only a few in the app.

Update: If I click 'New Posts' above when on the website, I see a point in the list marked:

The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts.

This is the exact point where Tapatalk stops listing new posts.

Anyone else seeing this? Is it something that can be configured from the HQ end?