Due to unforeseen health issues, one owner has had to drop out. Team is in last place but has some good now and future pieces (Votto, Eaton, Grichuk, Jansen, CMartinez, Porcello, AaSanchez, Stroman, Baez, Arcia, Albies, Brinson, Frazier, Meadows, Urias, Montgomery, Finnegan). League fees are paid for and there are no in season fees so this is a freebie. The one thing we ask the potential new owner to do is that, if he gets in the money this season, he will split it with the ailing ex-owner. Also, although a long term committment is not necessary it would be nice.

League details: 5x5, mixed, salary-based with OBP, QS and SV+HLD. 13 keepers (8 majors+ 5 minors). Rosters are 25 active, 8 reserves, 5 minors and 5 DL spots. Normal costs are $70, top 4 in $$, 100% payout minus website costs run on CBS. All year round league as trading opens Dec 1, keepers are due Jan 1, slow auction (24hrs/bid) starts Feb 1 and reserve draft Mar 1. Very enjoyable and competitve league.

Decided not to do first come, first serve as I am hoping for healthy interest so send me a pm with a short note detailing experience.