One of the participants this year in our NL-only, 12-team league just had an emergency come up and cannot draft their team. I would consider it a great personal favor if you could draft their team for them. It is live online auction on CBS.

The online auction draft is taking place Friday April 7th at 7pm eastern. It should take about 3 hours. And that would be the only commitment you would need to make. I would add you in as a co-owner of the team to get access. There is no cost to you; the team owner has paid the entry fee, has set his keepers, and will even queue up tons of players in the draft room for you. You can then talk and/or email him about his strategies of how he'd like his team to evolve. He said he would be happy with whatever team you could come up with. No pressure!

Please email or call me ASAP to assist a fellow Rotissarian in his hour of need! :-)