.. due to the unfortunate passing of one of the owners (in fact, the league treasurer) on Feb 13 and we just learned the other day when his widow checked his phone for e-mails.

Here is what you need to know:
freeze was due 3/1 at 8 pm EST(all other teams have frozen their keepers)
draft is sun 3/19 at 9 am in location in Baltimore TBD
8x8 Head 2 Head, 14 teams, 2 divisions of 7, top 6 make playoffs.
player pool = all of AL + NL east (so 20 MLB teams)
9 active hitters, 9 active pitchers each week
8 man reserve list
8 man minor league rookie list
auction $35.00 (yes it is a dime league) to buy 14 players
then straight draft for the minor leaguers
then straight draft for the rest of the major leaguers (12 rounds)

Let me know if interested -- first come first served. Full rules available upon request.