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Thread: Auction (Phila, PA), 12 tm NL-only keeper, roto 5x5 - 1 owner needed

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    Smile FILLED Auction (Phila, PA), 12 tm NL-only keeper, roto 5x5 - 1 owner needed

    MUndane Delaware Valley Interstate League, PA/MD/NJ area

    • Well established league (30+ years), competitive 12-team, NL only, 5x5 keeper roto league looking for 1 replacement owner. Great owner group.
    • Available team in a rebuild year.
    • MUST ATTEND in person Auction
    • Auction 9:00am Sat, Apr 1, 2017 in Phila, PA.
    • Keeper list due 12:00 midnight Tue, Mar 28, 2017
    • Keepers: 17 max (last yr 1st-12 max, 2nd-14max, 3rd-15 max, 4th- 16 max, 5th+ 17 max)
    • 24 man active roster filled with $270 auction dollars (minus keeper contracts).
    • 16 man reserve roster filled by draft immediately following auction (minus MiLB elig keepers).
    • Weekly (Tuesday) transaction deadline
    • $100 FAAB for season
    • 5 x5 Roto style: AVG, HR, RBI, SB, R, W, S, ERA, WHIP, K.
    • Fees: $54 + fees for all transctions ($150 deposit required before auction)
    • Payouts of 45%/25%/15%/10%/$54 entry fee
    • One of our existing players has experienced conflicts in his schedule and needs bow out. He is willing to help the new owner prepare for and attend the live auction draft in Phila, PA on Saturday, April 1st. Also, available for advice on league and management of the team during the season.
    • Email:
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