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Thread: 2 openings: active NL dynasty league (scoresheet)

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    Default 2 openings: active NL dynasty league (scoresheet)

    Two teams (1 & 5) are now available in NL Internet, a highly competitive, active dynasty league that dates back to the beginning years of scoresheet. We follow standard scoresheet rules (13 keepers) and our preseason and supplemental player drafts utilize scoresheet's web-based, ranking system. NL Internet is the real deal in terms of competition and winning here means something!

    Team 1's roster highlights include sluggers Khris Davis (A's, 42 HR), Cubs superstar Anthony Rizzo (32 HR), and impact middle infielders Starlin Castro (Yankees, 21 HR) and Jean Segura (20 HR, 33 Stolen bases). It's starting rotation is led by Zach Greinke & Jeff Samardzija and undergirded by several high ceiling minor league pitching prospects. Team 1 retains all of its keeper slots and draft picks including the 5th pick overall in 2017.

    Team 5's roster contains two of the best players in the national league (C Kershaw & G Stanton), shortstops T Tulowitzki & A Cabrera, and outfielders D Fowler and Y Puig. Rebuild around these core pieces or overhaul this orphan by jettisoning them within a trading-friendly evironment. In addition, more roster assets could be obtained by moving 1-2 keeper slots. Please note: during the 2016 season, Team 5 acquired two extra 2017 draft picks (rnds 20 + 30), relinquished a keeper slot (it now has 12 instead of 13), and has the 3rd pick overall in next year's preseason player webdraft. Grab this team if you like to trade and enjoy taking a bottom-dwelling franchise and turning it into a championship contender.

    Complete rosters for all of our teams including orphans 1 & 5 can be examined at our website listed below.

    Please contact me for more information, thanks

    Ron J, commish

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    Default Team 5 taken; Team 1 is still available

    Team 5 has been taken. Team 1 remains available. Join us now and participate in
    some hot stove trading action.

    Ron J

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