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    Default New Owner Needed for my Dynasty League

    From time to time I've talked about my dynasty league. It's a points-based, H2H league where you get to keep your players forever. No contracts, no salary, these guys are yours for as long as you like. So it's a league where you can come up with a long-term plan and then carry it out methodically.

    It's 12-team mixed, with an 18-man starting squad (so it's shallow), but we have a 60-man bench that evens it out. And you can make as many of those 60 minor leaguers as you wish. Or you can go the other way and stock up on veterans. This is an easy league to play in because the rules are simple.

    But you have to be active. We have two matches a week, so at a minimum you have to set your roster twice a week.
    Then just respond to trade offers, take part in free agency, and you'll be fine. It's an ideal second league to be in. But you have to like minor leaguers or else over time you will be at a disadvantage.

    Why now? Because our annual rookie draft (via email) starts a week from Sunday night on the 7th of August at 9pm ET. That's right, you'll have a week or so to get to know your new team, see what free agents are available (and free agency is open 24 hours a day, all season long, so you can drop and add players immediately if you wish). But we want the new owner to draft for him (or her) self. It will be your team now, so you might as well start to mould it to your team philosophy.

    Trading is temporarily shut down as we gear up for our playoffs, but as soon as that is over trading re-opens and stays open all winter long.

    The team you will be inheriting is one of the best in the league having a poor year. Lucky you, you will be moved into the Lower division next year where you will have an easy time of it since your new team has historically been one of the highest scoring teams in league history.

    Some names on this roster: Y. Molina at catcher, Frazier at 3B, CarGo in the OF along with Fowler and Bautista. SPs include Hammel, Lackey, Tanaka. Great bullpen of Betances, Miller, Robertson.

    Minors include C Tom Murphy, OF Aaron Judge and Victor Robles. Pitchers Amir Garrett, Ian Clarkin, Rookie Davis.

    You will be in the hunt immediately. But we want an owner who:

    a) loves prospecting for minor leaguers
    b) stays active even in a down year
    c) doesn't mind the H2H format, including the luck that hits you in big games
    d) will plan on staying for the long run

    If interested, IM me here and give me a little spiel on why you think this would be the league for you.
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