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Thread: Cincy/Columbus 12-team NL 5x5 Auction League needs one owner

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    Default Cincy/Columbus 12-team NL 5x5 Auction League needs one owner

    We are a well established NL-only keeper league with one owner dropping out this year. The departing owner finished third last season and has some decent keepers. Our auction is scheduled for April 2 in Cincinnati but you wouldn't necessarily need to be present; we'll have at least one or two teams drafting via Skype or something similar. Upfront fees are about $60, and most teams wind up spending another $100 or so on transactions throughout the season. Rules are pretty standard rotisserie, and we use OnRoto for stats. Lots more info on the history of the league and the rules can be found at ... check it out if you're interested or reply here or email me at Thanks.

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    Hopefully I just filled this spot !

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