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Thread: West Tennessee NL 5x5 Live Auction 11 teams 3 Owners needed

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    Default West Tennessee NL 5x5 Live Auction 11 teams 3 Owners needed

    NL 5x5 keeper league looking for 3 new owners to take over existing rosters, 2 owners moved 1 doesn't have time. Daily transactions, weekly Faab. Each team has some good keepers The league has been in existence over 25 years, Fun group of Owners. Auction will be scheduled for a weekend as close to opening day as possible, date to be set this coming week. If you have any interest message me and we can talk about remainder of rules and requirments.

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    Hey, my name is David and your league sounds exactly like what I'm looking for. Please message me the details if there is still an open spot. Thanks

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