Our league has a vacancy. I believe it is a pretty unique set up and was wondering if anyone would be interested in giving it a try. It is a points league based on the Fantasy Football model. Two leagues, NL and AL, 10 teams each. Each owner runs an AL and an NL team. Two divisions in each league. You play the 4 teams in your division 15 times and the 5 teams in the other division 7 times. We play 95 head to head games in each league through mid to late August followed by a 5 game Division Series, 7 game league series and a 7 game World series. The League has been in existence for over a dozen years. Not sure if anyone else is using this format.

Straight draft. We have 5 keepers, plus a farm hand. Unlimited trades, including trading draft picks. 15 hitters and 9 pitchers(6 starters and 3 relievers). Starting lineups are put in for each game. 8(NL) or 9(AL) hitters and 3 pitchers. The 6 starters are used to try and avoid missing a starter as much as possible. Middle relievers are not necessary. Pretty much your standard points setup, although IP and RBI count for 2 points rather than 1. These were the top AL hitters and pitchers for 2014:

Davis Chris
Cabrera Miguel
Trout Mike
Jones Adam
Cano Robinson

Scherzer Max
Darvish Yu
Iwakuma Hisashi
Sale Chris
Hernandez Felix

Speedsters and closers do not have as much value as standard rotisserie. For instance, Kimbrel was the 23rd best pitcher in the NL and Ellsbury was #18 in points in the AL.

The format does require more time than standard leagues. Especially with starting lineup changes 5 days a week. But I have found it to be much more enjoyable than standard formats. You can choose to play platoon match ups for each game, sit your Rockies hitters on the road, etc. We just play for bragging rights. The entry fee of $10 per league covers the Rotowire stats fee.

Draft dates are NL on Friday the 28th and AL on Sunday the 30th. Takes no more than 4 hours per draft.
Please contact me if you are interested.